Keep The Little Angel Happy And Clean With The Right Baby Bathtub

Keep The Little Angel Happy And Clean With The Right Baby Bath Tub

If you are a new mother, safely bathing your baby will pose quite a few challenges, which is why a good baby bathtub is such a handy invention. Although many people improvise when bathing their infants, it is simply ludicrous to risk injuring your little bundle of joy.

You have to understand that giving your new born a nice and warm bath can be a seriously nerve-wracking experience. At times your baby will put up a good fight and will resist not taking a bath in baby bathtubs.

This reason is why giving a bath in a regular tub can be so dangerous. Not to mention you have to monitor him constantly and cannot step out of the bathroom for a second.

Blooming Baby Blooming Bath Lotus

A baby bathtub can be a pleasurable experience for both you and the baby – and it will get the job done right and safe. Fortunately for you, there is a wide variety of choices available in the market.

You can go for portable, foldable, automatic, inflatable, bucket design and bubbling bathtubs for your baby. While a majority of products are designed to fit perfectly in an adult-sized bathtub, there are baby tubs that you can use in the kitchen or bathroom sink.

European-standard tubs for babies designed with rolling stands have also become quite popular here in the US. And some products can even be converted into a table. However, these products are a bit pricey, and you really can do without them. A regular baby tub will be perfect for your first born.

On the other hand, there are a lot of parents that love getting into the tub right alongside their babies. Doing this in a regular tub can injure your infant if you aren't careful, you can also slip and fall when getting out holding the baby in your arms.

Your best bet is to rely on baby tubs that are portable and perfectly-sized to fit right in the tub with you. Now you can bath yourself and your baby at the same time.

Topist Portable Mini Air Swimming Pool

For moms that have undergone C-section, giving their babies a bath standing up is more comfortable and pain-free. If you are one of those moms, we recommend that you go for a baby bathtub that you can use in the kitchen or bathroom sink. As soon as your baby starts getting a bit bigger to fit in the sink, you can get him an infant tub.

9 Amazing Reasons Why You Need A Quality Baby Bathtub

If you are in a bit of a conundrum and aren't sure whether you need a baby tub or not, listed below are some incredible benefits and reasons to make you mind up.

No Need To Shower Your Baby Anymore

Your little angel has a sensitive bone structure, his head, legs, arm, neck are pretty nimble, soft and delicate. It is imperative that you take extreme care while bathing him. Showering the little guy can put him at risk of slipping and falling.

But how will you be able to bathe him without ensuring you don't mess up anything, especially just a couple of days after you give birth to him? The answer is quite simple, get a baby bathtub. Tubs designed for infants will provide you with all the necessary solutions you require.

Summer Infant Comfort Height Bathtub

Baby tubs are made to accommodate your baby comfortably and without any safety hazards. You can place him nice and easy. The tubs are small, but they are big enough for the baby to move his limbs freely.

You can put the tub in a regular tub and wash him without any complications. These tubs offer the most effective solution to washing your baby without the need for a shower.

It Is So Darn Easy

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, baby bathtubs are incorporated with several features that make giving your baby a nice, warm bath easy and hassle-free. You can various attributes of the tub for a variety of different situations. All you have to do is choose what you want to do with tub while bathing your baby.

For example, these tubs include temperature control systems. They digitally display what temperature the water is. This feature helps moms know how cold, hot or perfect the water is.

You can avoid accidentally putting your baby in very hot or cold water. You can keep your baby happy, healthy giving him a bath in a good infant tub. Moreover, you can expect him to look forward to taking baths as the experience is delightful and stimulating for the baby.

Furthermore, these tubs also feature anti-slip bases. The head rests contoured so that the baby does not accidentally bang his head tilting backward.

Enhance His Hygiene

Another health hazard you need to keep an eye out for is unhygienic conditions, especially in the shower room that both you and your spouse share. Bathing him in the sink unprotected will also expose the child to several health problems such as bacterial infections, germs, and whatnot.

How To Choose The Best Baby Bathtub

There is also no way to tell whether or not the child won't touch a surface that is dirty. And because babies are so inquisitive and curious, they won't hold back the urge the urge to touch and play with different bathroom fixtures and fitting, which could also lead to health problems.

For example, he may touch the sinkhole, which is run over by germs and bacteria.

To avoid his contact with unsanitary items in the bathroom or the kitchen sink, the best thing you can do is invest in a baby bathtub. Bathing him in the tub will put you in more control of what your infant does while taking his routine bath.

And that is because his movements will be restricted and he won't attempt to climb out or anything because you will be right there keeping a watchful eye.

Safety Reasons

The safest place for your baby to take a bath is an infant bathtub, and there is no way anybody can disagree with it. The tub helps minimize any chance of unintentional negligence and slashes your efforts of bathing him by more than half.

You don't have to constantly keep your eye on what he does because he can't do much of anything in a confined space, then to just flap his arms and legs and play with his rubber ducky. With non-slip bases and slings, you will be providing a more comfortable environment for the baby to cleanse himself in.

The Tubs Are Budget-Friendly

Contrary to popular belief, infant tubs are quite cost-effective. Why? Well, that is because of so much market competition. There are just so many products you can choose. Each brand and product offer a multitude of features as well as convenience priced just right.

Flower shaped tub.

Sure, there are expensive models you can go for as well however if you are a new mother, you won't need a lot of the fancy features integrated into high-end bathtubs. Standard, quality bathtubs for your baby will be more than sufficient for your requirements.

Best of all, buying a baby bathtub is a long-term investment in the sense that you won't need to buy another one if you're expecting a second child, which is something most parents do not consider.

The Tubs Are BPA-Free

It is important to understand standard tubs are manufactured using materials that contain BPA, which is an industrial chemical. It can cause considerable harm to both you and the baby.

But if you did not know, it is best to get a baby tub that is BPA-free. The chemical can cause considerably hard to the baby if he accidentally ingests the water. So, ensure you get a baby tub made from non-BPA materials.

For Enhanced Cognitive Functionality

This feature is especially important in the first two years of your baby's life when he starts to learn things fast and pretty easy. You will be surprised to know that infants learn quite a fast bathing in a baby tub. How?

Happy baby bathing.

Well, they will observe all the ripples in the water, become curious as to what causes these ripples, attempt to synchronize the movement of their limbs with the ripples, observe all the bubbles that form as a result of sinking toys and whatnot.

You may even be lucky enough to catch your baby unintentionally performing scientific experiments unbeknownst to them.

Apart from that, infant also can memorize your pattern of speech – especially when you're communicating with them in the bathtub. Remember to observe how your baby looks at your mouth whenever you say something. They will see how your lips move and form different shapes when you are speaking to them.

Plus, they will also learn how to say the words ‘baby’ and ‘bubbles’ as you keep pronouncing them whenever he in the tub. You can even read him stories in the bathtub.

Develop A Stronger Bond With The Light Of Your Life

The time when you're bathing your baby is a time when you can connect with him on a deeper and affectionate level than anytime else. Whenever you gently massage his belly, chest, and back, it makes him more relaxed, the baby's heart rate mellows down, and his blood pressure also decreases.

All of this sends positive and reinforced signals to his tiny brain – transmitting that it is alright to relax and calm down.

Happy baby bathing.

Your massages and caresses help make the baby synchronize with you, and he will start to remember how your touch feels. This act of love and care will always deepen the bond with the baby. In the coming years, your little angel will yearn for your touch and will begin to associate himself with you all the time.

Helps Engage The Baby’s Senses

The reason why baby tub baths are so important for the infant is that it helps engage all his senses. He will be more alert and attentive when taking a bath, absorbing the environment, looking at how water behaves when splashes his hands and feet around and how his toys make those cute squeaky noises.

A study identified that baths could help enhance the sense of smell of an infant. The soapy aroma in the environment makes the baby more relaxed and calm – which means he won't cry that often.

Types Of Baby Bathtubs You Can Opt For

Not sure what product to buy? Well, there are plenty of options available to you. Baby tubs can range from $10 to $50 – the higher-end models come with digital temperature displays. Moreover, some products also feature an automatic water-drainage option.

Clean a Baby Bathtub

The tub will automatically drain all the dirty water as the kid bathes and refill the tub with fresh water. All you have to is connect the tub to a faucet. In light of this, mentioned below is a brief list of different bathtub models for babies:

  • Traditional Infant Tubs – These tubs have a flat, non-slip bottom. They are designed to fit inside your tub without any problems perfectly
  • Contoured Tubs – They are designed to have an interior that is contoured and lined with foam to protect your baby from banging his head and hurting himself. These are also a great option for an infant who cannot yet stand.
  • Supportive Tubs – These products include slings made from nylon-mesh. The headrests feature padding for extra support and comfortability.
  • Tub Inserts – They aren't exactly tubs and have sling design that helps fit the tub in a kitchen or bathroom sin
  • Sink Fit Tubs – These are multi purpose bathtubs that can be propped into a sling like formation to fit in sinks and you can also convert it into a regular baby bathtub that you can fit inside a regular tub.
  • Multi-Feature Tubs – They are fancier models that are designed to have different storage options where you can place all the bath accessories of the baby.
  • Bath Seat Tubs – Designed for infants that can easily sit up on their own.

The Right Baby Bath Accessories For Making His Bath Time Fun

Getting all the necessary accessories for your baby’s bath time is key to helping him enjoy the experience each time you put inside his favorite tub. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of things you should get:

Quality Bath Mats

Mats are essential as they help keep the baby safe from slipping after you take him out of the tub. The products come in different sizes based on your needs.

Bath Toy Bags

You must have gotten a ton of toys for your baby to play with while he takes his bath. However, you have to understand that all those toys can quickly form a mess and clutter the entire bathroom. So, it is wise to get a bath bag for storing everything.

Towels For The Baby

There are bath towels manufactured especially for babies. The towels feature a hood that helps keep the head of the little one warm as soon as you wrap him up. The towels are pretty cute but don't forget to take selfies once you get him out of the bath.

Towels For The Baby

However, the products are a tiny bit more expensive than regular towels. So, if you don’t have the budget, you can use an adult towel.

Baby Bath Aprons

Towel aprons are another form of bath towels that enable you to cuddle you baby after getting him out of the bath and then dry him on the spot. The apron also keeps the infant nice and warm. The apron is ideal for babies that like to wriggle a lot.


You can never overemphasize the fact that your baby will need a lot of toys to play with while he is in his bath. There will be times that he will not let you bathe him and you can use toys to convince him otherwise. Rubber duckies, floatable mobiles, pouring toys, these are just the tip of the iceberg in the list of toys you will have to make.

Baby Shampoos

Always go for products specially designed for babies. Baby shampoos contain no chemical or additional formulas that regular shampoos do. Plus, they are safe for the baby even if some of it enters his eyes. These shampoos will not sting or burn his eyes or nose.

Bathing A Baby

Here is how you can safely bathe your baby and keep him happy:

  • Prepare yourself first – It is important to dress appropriately for the bath. Take off any jewelry you're wearing. Don't forget to take your watch off as well. Remember that the baby will wriggle a lot in your hands when your bathing him, and wearing any jewelry can hurt him.
  • Prepare a basket of supplies – Don’t forget to take the bath mat, his towel or apron, the tub, shampoo and soap as well as other accessories. You can’t afford to take your eye off him even for a minute.
  • Water volume – Baby tubs are small – so be sure to fill the tub with around 3 inches of water so that he doesn't splash any out. Don't fill anymore or he will try to sink himself in.
  • Preparing the baby – Now undress the baby, take his diaper off first. However, if he starts crying as soon as you begin taking the diaper off, don’t. Put him inside the tub with the diaper on, let him settle and then take it off.
Summer Infant Baby Bathtub Review
  • Be vigilant – Do not take your eyes off of your child when bathing him. Never leave the infant unattended.
  • Easing him in – Start by first submerging his feet in the water, then gently seat him and start and dab his head and face and limb with a little water using your hands. After he becomes comfortable, start pouring some water on him. Be gentle.
  • Soap and Shampoo – After the baby is all soaked, start by shampooing his hair first. Don't use a lot of shampoo. Give him a massage and make sure the shampoo water doesn't get into his eyes. Rinse his head and then use some baby soap for the rest of the body.
  • Taking him out – After he is all cleaned, gently take him out. Make sure you are standing on the bath mat so that you don't slip. Wrap a baby towel and cuddle him till he is nice and dry – dress him kiss and put him to bed and voila, you are free!

Things To Do If The Baby Resists Taking A Bath

If your baby starts crying or throwing a tantrum as soon as you take him to a bath then don't worry – you aren't the only parent to experience this. However, there are ways you can ease your baby into taking a bath and getting him used to everything.

  • Use two tubs first – The best way to get him used to bathing is putting him in the baby bathtub without any water. Fill the regular tub with some water and start pouring cups of water over him. He will splash some water and gradually get used to everything.
  • Leave the tub – For the first couple of baths, don't use the baby tub. Instead, bathe him in a sink using a sling tub. Then gradually transition him into the tub.
  • You will need to distract him – During his bath, he will scream and begin to cry, you have to distract him by singing songs, bringing him toys or start talking to him.
Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

Bottom Line

Your baby is the light of your life. He is precious and taking care of his well-being is utmost responsibility. Baths can be a bit tricky and risky for infants if you don't prepare. However, a baby bathtub can help make thing easier for you. But remember to always go with the best products in the market.

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