How To Choose The Best Baby Bathtub

How To Choose The Best Baby Bath Tub

If you’re a new parent, then the thought of bathing your new born can be nerve-wracking. New mums and dads tend to be over imaginative when it comes to taking care of their baby, fearing occasional slips and other dangerous outcomes.

While all of your concerns are completely valid, it shouldn't dampen the fact that bath time should be a delightful experience for you and your baby. This reason is why you should invest in the best baby bathtub on the market. Rest assured, this handy buyer’s guide will provide you with all the information you will need to make the right purchase.

Clean a Baby Bathtub

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Why Should You Choose Your Baby Bathtub Carefully

While there are plenty of different types of baby bathtubs in the market, it is essential you make the right choice for the comfort and safety of your baby. You can choose from the plethora of types available including bucket-style tubs, slanted bathtubs, inflatable tubs and much more.

However, before making a final purchase, ensure all the parts of the tub are securely attached. If you're buying a tub that's made using a hard plastic tub, make sure it doesn't have any pointed edges that could harm your baby.

Seat Tub, Multi color

Safety should be your utmost concern when investing in a baby bathtub. Some parents prefer buying inflatable and foldable models for more convenient storage. However, keep in mind that these models are typically less sturdy.

Additionally, there have been instances where foldable tubs have caused inconvenience for parents and babies. All these measures must be taken into account to make sure your baby’s first bathing experience is a delightful one.

Factors To Consider When Investing In A Baby Bathtub

To aid you in making the right decision, here are a couple of factors you should keep in mind while investing in a baby bathtub:


When investing in a bathtub, it is crucial you invest in a product that is made using sturdy materials. Plastic is the most popular option because of its strong yet lightweight construction.

However, ensure the product is BPA-free and does not pose a threat to your child’s health. Investing in an inflatable product is also a good choice. However, it is worth keeping in mind that inflatable bathtubs are not as secure and sturdy compared to other models.

Types Of Baby Bathtubs

The most popular types of bathtubs include:

Standard Tubs

These tubs are simple, easy to use plastic bathtubs that don't have any additional features or frills. Opt for a smaller model that you can place conveniently in the sink, which will make it easier for parents to bathe smaller babies and newborns.

Some tubs feature a contoured design that will help your newborn in sitting in an upright position while other tubs may include sling or a removable mesh to help the baby adopt a comfortable position. You can opt for a larger tub as your baby grows. Make sure you find one that can fit inside your adult bathtub.

Foldable Tubs

Foldable tubs are a popular option for parents who don’t have room for a large baby bathtub. The fold up design allows parents to conveniently put away the bathtub when it’s not in use.

Foldable Tub


However, these tubs might not be the safest option out there as it can trap body parts when in use. It’s best you invest in a foldable tub that comes with a lock to hold the bathtub in place.

Inflatable Tubs

Do you frequently travel with your family or are heading out on vacation? Inflatable baby tubs are excellent space savers since you can easily deflate them for travel and storage. Most models include an attached hook or a suction cup that parents can use to air dry the tub.

However, there are a couple of downsides you should consider. First off, you'll have to inflate and deflate the tub frequently which can be inconvenient. Additionally, inflatable materials usually aren't as sturdy as regular bathtubs.

Standing Tubs

These tubs offer multiple benefits to the parents as they will no longer have to worry about bending or stooping down to bathe their little ones. The only downside is that these tubs can be expensive.


Bigger is not always better! Investing in a tub that's too large for your baby will give them more room to slide around. Unfortunately, this can also increase the risks of drowning and accidental slips.

Keep The Little Angel Happy And Clean With The Right Baby Bathtub

On the other hand, buying a baby bathtub that's too small isn't a good idea either. If you're not sure about the size, follow the guidelines mentioned on the bathtub. If you want to save money in the long run, investing in a convertible tub is a good option, but we will talk about that type later.

Easy To Clean

Ensure you have purchased a baby bathtub that is easy to clean. It's worth mentioning that the more crevices the tub have, the more difficult it will be for you to clean. Opt for a tub that you can air dry easily to eliminate the growth of mold or mildew.

Convertible Design

Many parents prefer buying a bathtub that has a convertible design that will grow with your newborn. This type of tub includes a removable sling that is great for keeping your newborn comfortable.

After a few months, you can simply remove the insert to make room for your bigger baby. If the tub does not have a sling, make sure it has an infant insert or incline that will help your baby support a slightly upright position while lying down.


Mums who have undergone a C-section are not advised to bend over the bathtub or put too much stress on their backs. Fortunately, such mums can opt for a tub that can easily fit in the kitchen sink.

Not only will this add convenience but it will also help new dads bathe their infants without worrying about slips. While a sink-size tub usually does the trick, you can also opt for a larger, full sized tub for added convenience.

Newborn Inserts

It's worth investing in a product that comes with a newborn insert, which allows parents to get more use out of the tub. Don't forget to look at the support provided and the age recommendation before investing in a product.

Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Bathtub Review


Assistance For Sitting

What do you plan on doing with the tub when your baby grows older? Some models come with a stopper that prevents little ones from slipping, which is an important feature if you intend on using the tub longer than a few months. A stopper is promising feature for parents who will be washing their baby in the shower stall.

Temperature Indicator

Advanced bathtubs now feature a temperature indicator, which eliminates the need for guesswork when determining if the bath water is too hot or cold for your newborn. Some models may have a digital indicator while other may include a sticker strip.

These strips come with a color guide and change color according to the water's temperature. The only downside of this feature is that waiting for the color change can take time as the reaction can be slow.

Mildew Resistance

If you're not careful, the bathtub can grow mildew which can be harmful to your baby's health. If the tub has fabric or mesh areas, regularly clean it to prevent the accumulation of mildew. Parents have exclaimed that fabric and mesh products tend to offer the most cleanliness, especially if the product is machine washable.

Happy baby in bathtub.


Parents typically opt for deeper tubs with enhanced depth, which ensures the safety of your baby, reducing the chances of them slipping or sliding over. However, on the downside, parents may have to bend over further to reach their little one, which can be a minor disadvantage.


Nothing is more important than the safety of your child. Opt for a product that has plenty of safety features. First off, the bathtub should be made using BPA-free materials and must not have any sharp edges that can harm your child. Consumer agencies warn against some products so be careful about making the right choice.

Though you might be tempted to, don't purchase items from second-hand stores or tacky yard sales since you will not receive a notification in case the brand recalls the product because of safety concerns.

Best Baby Bathtub

Here's our recommendation for the best baby bathtubs:

Winner: Fisher-Price Tub

Fisher-Price is undoubtedly one of the best brands out there that thousands of parents and children around the world trust. Over the years, the reputable American toy company brand has created and developed hundreds of educational and entertaining toys for preschoolers, toddlers, and newborns.

Fisher-Price is also known for manufacturing high-quality bathing products for infants and newborns.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • 4- stage conversion, this means the baby bathtub will grow with your baby
  • The tub includes a practical hook for convenient storage and easy drying. Now you can hand the tub on the towel bar to let it dry
  • Comes with an adorable whale scoop and a squeeze bottle
  • Easy to use bathtub that is perfectly safe for your little one
  • Machine washable fabric sling that you can put inside the washer
 Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub.

Our Rating

Parents are bound to love the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub. This awesome bathtub will grow with your baby which means you won’t have to make a new purchase soon. The bathtub functions well and works as a 4 stage bathtub:

  • Stage 1: For newborns, a soft mesh sling to keep your little one comfortable
  • Stage 2: Special “Baby stopper” insert that will prevent your baby sliding and slipping in the tub
  • Stage 3: Features a Sit-Me-Up Support that supports your baby when he/she is sitting
  • Stage 4: Cozy toddler tub, offering your little one plenty of space in the tub

It also features an infant mesh that supports the baby very well. Unlike other mesh slings on the market, this one does not pose a threat to your baby because of its small holes. Additionally, the design of the bathtub is pretty cute and decorative.

It also has a special seat to ensure your baby does not slip during their bath time. As your little one grows, the bathtub can be made roomy for your toddler, providing all the splashing space they will ever need.

Runner Up: Topist Inflatable Baby Bathtub

Babies love bath time! So wouldn’t it be great if your little one could enjoy some splash time in the yard? An inflatable bathtub/pool will allow your baby to cool down on a hot summer day, also providing you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • High-quality PVC material
  • Includes a drain plug at the bottom for quick water release
  • Can be folded compactly for convenient storage and travel
  • Textured bottom to make sure the baby does not slip
  • Suitable for babies weighing between 0 to 48 months
  • Durable, clean, inflatable and easy to use
Topist Portable Mini Air Swimming Pool


Our Rating

The Topist Inflatable Baby Bathtub and Swimming Pool is great for parents who are constantly on the move and are in search of a quality inflatable tub for their little one.

An inflatable tub allows parents to set up an inflatable tub wherever they go. All you'll need is a solid pump to inflate the tub, and it will be ready for use in a matter of seconds.

Not only is the tub portable, but it is also safe to use for your little one, under your supervision of course. Since the tub comes with padding, it is comfortable enough for kids. You can use it for entertainment, playtime or bath time for your baby.

Purchasing the Topist Inflatable Baby Bathtub and Swimming Pool is also a great option for parents who don’t have storage space to keep a regular tub in their bathroom.

Alternative: Fisher-Price Bathing Tub

When it comes to your newborn's first bath time, parents are likely to be nervous for fear of their baby's comfort and safety. This reason is why choosing the best bathtub can be challenging task for new parents.

Fortunately, the Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub is a safe and comfortable bathtub that is designed especially for newborns. It includes a comfortable sling so that your little one can lie down while taking their bath, which is a great bathtub for babies as it contains a soft padding along with calming vibrations.

Some Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Calming vibrations to soothe baby during bath time
  • Comfortable sling to allow the baby rest
  • Removable attachments to make more room for the baby as they grow up
  • Easily fits in double and single sinks
  • Includes a drain plug for quick water release
  • Has a hook for easy drying and storage
Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

Our Rating

This feature will soothe your little one if they are cranky during bath time. Not to mention, this bathtub prevents children from being overwhelmed by water.

The sling includes a padded headrest so that your baby feels secure. As your child grows up and learns how to sit up, you can replace the sling with the baby stopper attachment. The stopper gently reclines, preventing accidental trips or slips. It also includes a baby ring that holds your kid in place while they splash around.

Once your child is old enough and can sit on their own, you can remove the baby stopper attachment, which will turn the Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub into a full-sized bathtub for toddlers.

All these features combine to help make this particular model a great all-in-one baby tub. 

Best Infant Bathtub

Here's our recommendation for the best infant bathtubs:

Winner: Blooming Baby Blooming Bath Lotus

Parents can’t help but stock up on the cutest products for their newborn babies. Not to mention, one has to make sure everything is comfortable and soft for the baby, which is why the Blooming Baby Blooming Bath Lotus is such a great choice for parents. The incredibly soft petal material makes bath time a fun experience for the baby.

Some Notable Features Of This Product Include

  • Offers you the cutest way to give your newborn a bath
  • Great alternative to regular baby bathtubs
  • Super cuddly and soft, ensuring your little one has a fantastic time in the bath
  • Super cool petal design that will fit in any sink
  • Recommended for newborns and babies up to 6 months
Blooming Baby Blooming Bath Lotus in Canary


Our Rating

Rest assured, the soft plush material is unlike any other bathtub in the market, providing your little one ample amount of cushion, which ensures your little one is not uncomfortable using bath time. Parents can also enjoy this special time with their infant without worrying about their safety.

Customers loved how soft and cozy the plush polyester material on the top is. It also has a center, high-quality polypropylene foam while the back is made using durable polyester mesh. You can purchase this cute bathtub in four different colors. Not to mention, it makes for a great gift for your friend's baby shower.

While this bathtub is suitable for newborns and babies up to 6 months, you'll be pleased to know that you can use the Blooming Bath as a super cute diaper change pad, play mat or a super adorable decoration for the nursery, which ensures you'll get your money's worth of the product.

Runner Up: Comfort Height Bathtub

Investing in a bathtub for a newborn can be a challenging task since parents are not willing to compromise on the safety and comfort of their little ones. Fortunately, there are many baby bathtubs in the market designed for keeping your baby's needs in mind.

Some Notable Features Of This Product Include

  • Large tub that can comfortably accommodate a toddler of up to two years
  • Raised center, allowing parents to bathe their babies at a comfortable height
  • Includes newborn insert that allows your baby to recline comfortably. You can place the insert in the sink or the bathtub
  • Includes locking tabs ensures the tub is securely fit to the base
Summer Infant Comfort Height Bathtub

Our Rating

The Comfort Height Bathtub is the ultimate baby bathtub that makes it easier for parents to bathe their newborns. It includes an extra platform that raises the tub.

This feature makes it comfortable for parents to reach and clean their baby during bath time. Since this bathtub is ideal for newborns and babies up to 2 years old, you will get optimal value for your purchase.

The baby bathtub includes a raised bath center, which makes it easier for parents to bathe their little ones. This feature will eliminate the need for parents to bend to reach their babies.

Once your newborn starts to grow older, you'll be pleased to know that the tub has enough room to support toddlers who are up to 2 years. You can also remove the infant insert to make more room for your baby if they enjoy splashing around the tub.

The sturdy platform lifts the baby to a comfortable height, allowing parents to bathe their newborns comfortably. You can later convert it to a step stool or a stand-alone kneeler. 


Bathing your newborn should be a delightful experience for the whole family. Hopefully, this buying guide has provided you with all the information you need regarding investing in the best baby bathtub. Good luck!

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