Blooming Bath Lotus Review

Blooming Bath Lotus Review

Are you a new parent? Caring for your newborn will be at the top of your priority list. Hygiene is an important factor, especially for babies, because their immune systems are weak and their bodies vulnerable to health issues.

You can make bath time a fun and comfortable experience for yourself and your baby by investing in the right accessories. You will find a wide range of bath tubs on the market designed for babies, but not all of them are equal regarding quality.

Luckily for you, there are some alternatives that you can opt for, particularly if you prefer bathing your baby in the sink.

Blooming Baby Blooming Bath Lotus


In fact, most parents prefer the sink as it allows them to stand and bathe their baby, rather than having to bend down to reach him/her. However, the sink is not a suitable and safe place to put your baby down, especially because the surface will get slippery during bath time.

Therefore, you have to purchase an accessory that keeps your baby safe and comfortable during the process. You cannot buy the first item you come across on the market. You can ensure quality and reliability by purchasing a product from a top brand.

About The Product

Blooming Bath provides a wide range of bath products for babies, ranging from towels to lotuses. These lotuses are unique in the sense that they offer you a viable alternative to a conventional bath tub. The Blooming Bath Lotus is a perfect example of their innovation.

The lotus is snuggly and soft, which ensures that your kid remains happy and comfortable while you bathe him/her. Plus, you have a range of color options from which you can pick the one you prefer.

Here is an overview of the top features of this product:

Soft Materials

The brand uses the softest possible materials for manufacturing this bath Lotus. You can rest assured your baby is comfortable and safe when you put him/her down in the lotus for a bath.

Moreover, the materials are BPA-free, which means that there is no risk of any skin issues. You don’t have to worry about your baby’s skin when you use this product for bath time.

Innovative Design

The Lotus features an innovative design that is significantly different than conventional bath tubs. You can place it in the sink conveniently, and the four petals ensure it fits perfectly. You don’t have to bend down to reach your baby for bathing him/her, which reduces the strain and stress on your arms and back.

Blooming Baby Blooming Bath Lotus in Canary


Cuddly Feeling

The soft materials used for making this lotus make sure your baby feels comfortable. You can rest assured there will be no tantrums or crying when you use this product for bathing your child.

Perfect For Toddlers

You can use this bathing lotus from the time your baby is born until he/she turns six months old. You get great value for money from this product.


The bathing lotus weighs just around one pound, which makes it easy for you to move it around. You can carry it wherever you want to use it, and this feature makes it perfect for traveling as well. Your child doesn't have to miss his/her favorite bathing lotus when you go out of town.

Compact Design

The dimensions of this product are 13.2 inches by 4.5 inches by 13.2 inches. The small footprint makes it easy for you to stash it away when not in sight. In fact, you can store it conveniently till you have your next kid once your newborn outgrows the Lotus.


This bathing lotus is easy to maintain and clean. You can wash it in the machine on a gentle cycle and dry it by hanging or even tumble dry.

Blooming Baby Blooming Bath Lotus

Color Choices

This product is available in nine different colors, ranging from Blue and Pink to Yellow and Turquoise. You can select a design that goes with the color of your baby’s nursery, or simply choose the color you prefer.


  • Portable
  • Compact
  • ​Easy to clean
  • Nine color options
  • Made from soft and BPA-free materials
  • Can fit in any sink
  • ​Travel-friendly
  • ​Unique design
  • Suitable for babies up to six months old


  • Risk of molding
  • Materials are not durable

What Others Are Saying

A majority of customers who purchased this product from Amazon are happy with its features. A customer wrote that she bought one of these for her baby, who resisted bath time but started enjoying it in the Bathing Lotus.

Another reviewer expressed a unique perspective, stating that she uses this bathing lotus for bathing her pet. She says her dog loves it and does not resist bath time anymore and that it is a great bathing product for older dogs.

Baby and brother.


On the flip side, a few customers did not have a pleasant experience with this product. A customer wrote that the Lotus started developing mold after she washed it a few times. Another reviewer stated that the material is like a sponge, i.e., it soaks up the water during bath time and takes a long time to dry.

Buying Advice

You can purchase the Blooming Bath Lotus in yellow for around $50 from Amazon. There are several reasons why buying the product from the online retailer is a great idea, including you, can avail free shipping.

You don't have to bear any extra cost to have the product delivered to your home. You can also check the other colors the product is available in, as there are eight other choices, priced around $40.

Final Verdict

The Blooming Bath Lotus is one of the best bathing accessories for babies available on the market today. The price is low, the features great, and there are no major issues. Overall, you should consider purchasing this bathing lotus to ensure a safe and comfortable bathing experience for your baby.

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